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  Fargo Maestro 100 (GSM and GPRS Class 10)

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The connection is made easily through the RS 232 interface, Maestro's metal casing makes it an appropriate solution for tough applications such as Telemetry, Wireless Local Loop (payphones) or as part of a fleet management system.

Their small size make them simple to integrate in a space constraint environment One programmable I/O port for connection with external device

  • Very small size: 88mmx60mmx26mm
  • Voice, fax, SMS and DATA.
  • GSM and GPRS.
  • Fully type approved : R&TTE (GSM approval).
  • CE approved (applicable Electro Magnetic Interference Compatibility and Safety regulations)
  • AT command based

Data/Fax features:
-Data circuit asynchronous, transparent and non transparent up to 14,400 bits/s
-Automatic fax group 3 (Class 1 and Class 2)
-MNP2m V.42bis

Short Messages Services features:
-Text and PDU
-Point to point (MT/MO)
-Cell Broadcast

Interface Connections:

-SIM holder
-15 pin Sub-D connector (serial and audio connection)
-4-pin power supply connector (micro-FIT 3.0)
-SMA antenna connector (50 ohm)


FARGO GSM modules and modems will find their places in every domains where information are to be delivered without a wired connection. 
And this is a large universe, indeed :

Our GSM/GPRS modems are rugged enough to stand up to extreme temperatures and shocks, so that they can be installed in almost any environments in order to send measures. Thus, they have already found numerous fields of application for telemetry, such as distant measurement of the stock's level in slot machines, avoiding useless resupplying.

Fleet management
Each vehicle is equipped with a device sending diverse information which describe its state, notably its location by using a GPS device. It allows to follow accurately the displacements and to inform of any failure and its nature.  

Portable computers and electronic GSM PDA (organizers)
Today, some portable computers already integrate modems from our GSM/GPRS modem range of products, allowing connection to the internet from any place, without the restraint of a classic wire connection. The GSM technology gives a new meaning to autonomy and to conveyance ability which are essential for those products.
Likewise, the organizers associated with Maestro modems take advantage of on-line functions: mailbox, application downloading, etc...

Other applications :
Alarms, electronic boards setting like notice board or hoarding, circuit de secoure, mobil payment...


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